Why choose How2Franchise?

You will be your own boss, with the knowledge that you have the support and backing of an experienced organisation. You will be working in a dynamic and fast growing sector which has large growth potential. You will have immediate access to a well developed business model and full administration support process. You have no need to invest in additional staff and all your time is focused on franchise development.


This is a Business to Business, & home based business

You will have no costs associated with renting office space nor cash tied up in stock. Your focus is totally on business development and client management. Be part of a dynamic and fast growing sector which has large growth potential. Experience a franchise package that is bespoke to your requirements and designed to maximise your individual experience and potential.

The two ways to join How2Franchise


Franchise Associate or Franchise Partnership

Associate Partnership

At either no fee or training costs from fees generated later!

If you area already in franchising or a recognised Business consultant hop on board as an Associate Partner with H2F international

·         You will have access to our clients and services

·         You will be able to offer a truly international service

·         You can able maximise profits with your own clients

·         Be plugged into a “smart network” of firms and individual experts

·         Contribute to and participate in a common marketing platform

·         Contribute to leading-edge research, best practices and case studies

·         Participate in H2F summits and other events

·         Gain free and discounted advertising opportunities

·         Receive exhibition space and free passes at Franchise events

There are several advantages to taking on an associate business partner, provided that the partner is someone you can rely on, to contribute to the operations and management of our franchise business. The major advantages of having an associate business partner are that the partner can provide you with the knowledge in said country a necessary to jump-start  to our international business. A partner can help bring additional business in through his or her connections and can share in all profits associated with our business.


A partner is more senior to an associate. The major differences document below.

Licence Fee to Operate the How2Franchise Programme and Brand

As above

• 3 Full Days of Initial Training

• 8 Days on Region Support

• Operations manual

• Stationery Pack

• Access to £200,000 worth of Franchisor Documentation which includes over 200 separate


• Use of the highly ranked Google Website

Training, both initially and on-going is critical to the success of your business. Initially there will be 3 days of training, which goes through the franchising end to end process, in depth marketing and sales development. All the knowledge required to start a strong business. Plus 8 days on territory mentoring and sales development assistance at the times you require the assistance.  You get the knowledge and help at the times that are critical to you and your business. The Operations Manual, systematically details all relevant business processes and systems. The manual is core to your business foundation. Head Office support is crucial and this is where you can see the real difference in the franchise we are offering. All documentation completion, client programmes, invoicing, in fact all administration associated with completing a Franchise System is carried out on your behalf. This allows you to totally focus on your client development and we will be on hand to lend support every step of the way.